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Top Most loved and Hated Programming Language in 2019

Top Most loved and Hated Programming Language

Top Most loved and Hated Programming Language: The annual Stack Overflow survey is one of the most comprehensive snapshots of how programmers work, with this year’s poll being taken by almost 90,000 developers across the globe.

The survey revealed that PHP is the most hated programming language with 19% of developers disliking it. The second most hated language was Java with 12%, followed by Objective-C in third place with 11% (as per the stats rectified by Hired).

On the other hand, Python won the position of the most loved programming language with 51% voting for it. The second slot was taken by JavaScript with 49% and the third by Java with 37%.

Top Most loved and Hated Programming Language

A language that’s in-demand and enjoyable to use – Python


Python’s versatility continues to fuel its rise through Stack Overflow’s rankings for the “most popular” languages, which lists the languages most widely used by developers.

This year’s survey finds Python to be the fastest-growing major programming language, with Python edging out Android and enterprise workhorse Java to become the fourth most commonly used language.

“We have not seen a technology that large grow so fast ever, in the history of Stack Overflow,” says Julia Silge, data scientist at Stack Overflow..

Most In-Demand Job Roles Survey

The survey by Hired also estimated which kind of jobs are most in-demand; the languages that companies are mostly hiring for; and the top average salaries for different careers in major technology markets such as London, New York, Paris, and San Francisco.

Highly paid language, in-demand – Go

Top Most loved and Hated Programming Language: Go stands out as a language that is well paid, while also being sought after and where developers report high levels of job satisfaction.

The language’s high salary appears connected to its use automating the deployment and management of systems infrastructure by DevOps engineers.

“People who use Go are usually highly paid for the work they’re doing,” says Silge, adding it’s also used back-end web programming.

Globally, respondents who use Go, Clojure, F#, earn the highest salaries, with median annual salaries above $80,000, while Elixir and Rust are associated with jobs topping $70,000 a year.

Most widely used language – JavaScript

Top Most loved and Hated Programming Language: The most widely used programming language is, unsurprisingly, the venerable web language JavaScript.

JavaScript has topped the list of the “most popular” programming languages in the Stack Overflow survey for the past seven years.

The language has grown beyond its roots as a simple scripting language for the web, and with the help of frameworks like React is today used to build graphical user interfaces for web and mobile apps, as well as to create server-side software running in a Node.js environment. It can even be found in software controlling IoT appliances thanks to the flow-based development tool Node-RED.

Most popular integrated developer environments (IDEs) All the time

Top Most loved and Hated Programming Language: Among integrated developer environments (IDEs), the name given to the code editor and suite of tools used by developers to write software, Microsoft’s cross-platform Visual Studio Code remains the top choice, followed by the more comprehensive Visual Studio IDE.

The choice of IDE varied by developer role, with mobile developers more likely to choose Android Studio and Xcode, DevOps choosing the venerable Vim, and data scientists likely to work in PyCharm and RStudio.

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