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Top 7 Powerful Music player for Ubuntu 2019

Top 7 Powerful Music player

Top 7 Powerful music player: Linux’s popularity is growing quickly, so there is also a number of Linux users. Therefore developers are constantly working on fresh Linux platform apps. Thousands of applications are now available for different Linux distributions, which wasn’t the case a few years ago. It’s far from hard to find a music player for Ubuntu. There is a real orchestra of alternatives, some fresh ones, some old ones, some in harmony with contemporary trends, some riffing to their own beat.

Here are the Top 7 Powerful Music player list of 2019

Everyone likes to listen to music while working or in their free moment, so we’re going to have a look at Ubuntu’s Best Music Players today that you have to try.

1. Olivia

Olivia is a free, open-source music player that is popular with Linux users. It is a music player that is easy to use and versatile with a very simple user interface. Olivia’s best thing is its ability to search for any music streaming it online, you can set the player to save your streams while playing. Olivia allows you to generate and handle your library of music. Simple navigation that even if you’re a fresh user, makes you feel at home.

[github’s project page](http://github.com/keshavbhatt/olivia)

olvia_linux_ubuntu Top 7 Powerful Music player


  • Allows the music to be searched online.
  • Allows music to be organized
  • Allows song to be downloaded while streaming
  • Allows you to search youtube and add results to the library Play audio only from youtube channels (save information bandwidth)
  • Dynamic theme based on album art Search suggestions
  • Player mini mode included,
  • Minimal player widget always capable and enables transparency to be set.
  • Internet radio enables online radio stations to play more than 25k, lists them according to language and country pop music chart.
  • Lists top 100 country wise songs.
  • Beautiful Client side decoration.
  • More characteristics like cloud music synchronization with an internet account that will be available shortly.

If you have problems with desktop themes such as large fonts and strange cursor theme Run Olivia with the following command:

QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE='gtk' olivia-test.olivia

Developer website

2. Rhythmbox

Rhythmbox ubuntu

Rhythmbox developed for the setting of the GNOME desktop. It is Fedora’s default music player and many other distributions of Linux. It’s very easy to use music player that’s simple and lightweight.

The normal design of the app is simple to navigate, and you can easily filter through your music using the browser column or search box.

Not that you have to settle for this look as you can add a range of Rhythmbox plugins to customize, rearrange and completely turn the player’s look and feel into something else.

3. Clementine


Clementine is a free, open-source music player that is very common among users of Linux. It is a music player that is easy to use and versatile with a very simple user interface.

This is because instead of a column or “artwork” browser, the player provides tree view navigation. If you’re the kind of individual who tends to browse (and handle) your music from a POV ‘ records and folders,’ you’ll enjoy the library management strategy of Clementine.

But there are also other reasons for using Clementine.

4. Audacious

Audacious-ubuntu Top 7 Powerful Music player

Audacious is a free and open-source music player that uses minimum resources to focus on high audio quality. The best thing about this audio player is that on low-specific PCs it works perfectly well. It supports all the main formats of audio.

Audacious has a very easy user interface for easier navigation with everything perfectly positioned. In Audacious music player, you can also customize topics and appearance.

5. Amarok music player :


Powerful music player Top 7: Amarok music player has many features such as lyrics and information about artists, playing music from digital music players, dynamic playlists, and many other features. It supports nearly all significant formats of audio files.

It has a very easy to use and easy to navigate user interface.

6. Banshee music player

banshee-ubuntu Top 7 Powerful Music player

By installing extra plugins, Banshee provides many other characteristics that can be activated. With every tab perfectly positioned, it has a simple and clean user interface.

It utilizes the platform of GStreamer to encode and decode different media formats. It can also play music from portable media players, including phones running Android and iPod from Apple.

7 . Musique music player


Top 7 Powerful music player: Musique is a music player function that includes characteristics such as artist and song info, last.fm support, support for more than 20 languages, and many other characteristics. By manually installing plugins, you can get extra characteristics.

It has a smooth user interface to get used to very easily. Musique supports nearly every major format of audio including FLAC, True Audio, WavPack, etc.

Editor’s Choice -Olivia

Top 7 Powerful Music player: So these are the 7 Best Music Players you should try on Linux. i like the olivia very much(personal choice). If you use any other music player then don’t forget to share your experience hitting comments below.

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