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Most Popular Development Platforms by Stack Overflow 2019

Most Popular Development Platforms

Most Popular Development Platforms: Linux is among study respondents ‘ most common platform. Of the 80,144 replies, 53.3% supported Linux. This implies that over the previous year they have been doing development job for Linux. This amount has risen from 48.3 percent of last year, which is a truly encouraging sign for the open source community.

When it comes to working on programming projects, developers face several difficulties, the study discovered. For these experts, the biggest issue is stability or constructing fresh releases that act the same way as ancient releases, with 27 percent of those surveyed ranking this as the problem that causes them the most trouble. Security (23%), approval of the use of particular open source packages (14%), threats in packages and modules (11%), and licensing problems in packages and modules (10%) were also extremely ranked.


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Linux was accompanied by a closed Windows source nemesis that won 50.5 percent of votes. Stack Overflow included container systems in the poll for the first time, and with 31.5 percent votes, Docker finished at # 3.

Most popular development platforms Votes :

  • Linux platforms 53.30 percent
  • Windows 50.70 percent
  • Docker 31.50 percent
  • Android 27.00 percent
  • AWS 26.60 percent
  • MacOS 22.20 percent
  • Slack 20.90 percent
  • Raspberry Pi 15.20 percent
  • WordPress 14.50 percent
  • Google Cloud Platform 12.40 percent
  • Microsoft Azure 11.90
  • percent Arduino 10.70 percent
  • Heroku 10.60 percent
  • Kubernetes 8.5 percent.

16 Most popular development platforms:

Without surprise, with 83.1 percent of votes, Linux also turned out to be the most popular development platform. It implies developers certainly enjoyed working on Linux techniques. Again, this is an encouraging sign as this figure has increased significantly compared to the 76.5 percent of last year.

Platforms Votes :

  • Linux 83.10 percent
  • Docker 77.80 percent
  • Kubernetes 76.80 percent
  • Raspberry Pi 72.10 percent
  • AWS 71.60 percent
  • MacOS 70.50 percent
  • iOS 68.10 percent
  • Google Cloud Platform 66.80 percent
  • Microsoft Azure 65.40 percent
  • Slack 65.20 percent
  • Windows 64.20 percent
  • Heroku 52.70 percent
  • WordPress 40.

Why this year is Linux twice as popular?

So why this enormous popularity growth? You might claim that’s because it’s free and open source, but it’s hardly news. However, in most markets, Linux has become more popular, and most servers now operate Linux, including most supercomputers plus serverless infrastructure. Android devices all run the Linux kernel and automotive devices and some kind of Linux runs off the Internet of Things.