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Top 10 Web Frameworks for Designing Web Applications

top 10 web frameworks

Top 10 Web Frameworks: Web Application Framework or “web framework” is a software framework intended to promote web application development, including web services, web resources and web APIs. In brief, frameworks are libraries that assist you to quickly and smartly create your application!

The amount of Web Frameworks has risen significantly nowadays. We have collected a list of 10 best frameworks accessible online in your preferred language to assist you to pick up the most appropriate one for your Web Application.

Ruby on Rails:

Top 10 Web Frameworks: Ruby on Rails is David Heinemeier Hansson’s highly efficient internet application framework. With Rails, an application can be developed at least ten times quicker than a typical Java framework. In addition, Rails uses the Model-View-Controller pattern to include everything required to generate a database-driven web application.

Sites using Rails: GroupOn, UrbanDictionary, AirBnb, Shopify, Github


Top 10 Web Frameworks: Django is another framework that helps to create web applications of high quality. It was created to satisfy fast-moving deadlines in the newsroom while meeting the hard demands of seasoned Web designers. Developers from Django say the apps are ridiculously quick, safe, scalable and flexible.

Sites using Django: Disqus, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora

Angular JS:

Top 10 Web Frameworks: Angular JS is a Google framework (formerly created by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons) that helps us build strong Web Apps. Building a large-scale and high-performance web application while maintaining it as easy to maintain is a framework. There are a huge number of web apps that are built with Angular JS and can be found here: https:/www.madewithangular.com

Sites using AngularJS: YouTube on PS3, Netflix Weather


Top 10 Web Frameworks: ASP.NET is a Microsoft-designed framework that helps us create solid PC and mobile web applications. It is a high-performance, lightweight framework used by. NET to build Web Applications. All in all, a Power, Productivity and Speed framework.

Sites: GettyImages, TacoBell, StackOverflow


Meteor or MeteorJS is another framework that allows you to create mobile and web applications in real time in a radically simpler manner. It enables fast prototyping and creates cross-platform code (Web, Android, iOS). Its Galaxy cloud platform makes deployment, scaling and tracking much simpler.

Sites using Meteor: HaggleMate, WishPool, Telescope


Laravel, produced by Taylor Otwell in 2011, follows the MVC architectural model as well as all other contemporary frameworks. Elegance, simplicity, and readability are the Laravel values. One can begin learning and developing Laravel rightaway with Laracasts who have hundreds of tutorials in it.

Laravel: Deltanet Travel, Lender Neighborhood


Express or Expressjs is a minimal and flexible framework for web and mobile apps that offers a solid set of characteristics. Many characteristics are accessible as plugins, meaning it is comparatively minimal. Express enables the fast growth of Web applications based on Node.js. Express is also one of the MEAN software bundle’s significant components.

Sites using Express: Storify, Myspace, LearnBoost


Spring is the most common application development framework for Java company, created by Pivotal Software. Myriads of developers around the globe are using Spring to produce high-performance, robust web applications. Spring helps create JVM-based systems and apps that are easy, portable, quick and versatile.

Sites using Spring: Mascus, Allocine


Play is one of Java and Scala’s contemporary internet application framework. It follows the MVC architecture and seeks to optimize the productivity of developers by using convention over browser setup, hot code reloading and error screen. Play quotes itself as “High Velocity Web Framework”

Sites using PLAY: LinkedIn, Coursera, LendUp


CodeIgniter is a popular web application framework created by EllisLab to create dynamic websites. Because controller classes are essential but models and opinions are optional, it is loosely based on MVC architecture. With outstanding performance, CodeIgnitor promises almost zero configuration and no large monolithic libraries.

Sites using CodeIgnitor: Bufferapp.