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The Art of Self-Defense Full Movie Download: Jesse Eisenberg performs a mugging victim in the offbeat film by Riley Stearns who wishes to know karate.

In The Art of Self-Defense, the sophomore feature by writer / director Riley Stearns, an impossiblely timid person aims to reinvent himself through martial arts. Like his debut Faults in 2014 (also a SXSW premiere), Art has in its premise topics of manipulation and domination, a substratum of paranoia that provides an uncomfortable energy to the comedy of the script. Jesse Eisenberg’s casting in the lead is both dramatically dead-on and commercially wise, making sure the hard-to-pigeonhole film receives at least some attention. (Unjustly, Faults never left the festival circuit.)

Eisenberg plays Casey, not the only less-than-macho thing about him, whose unisex name. The man owns a dachshund, sits on his knees, and for chrissakes is teaching French. He is, of course, an accountant, mocked at his office by the bros and even at home by his old-school answering machine. (“No one else left a message for you,” it taunts.) When a mysterious biker’s crew muggles him, something snaps.

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The Art of Self-Defense Full Movie Download: Casey unsuccessfully attempts to purchase a weapon to defend himself— damn those crazy liberals and their legislation on the waiting period— and then finds a dojo. He’s creeping in and watching a lesson, captivated by the man’s quiet power known only as Sensei (Alessandro Nivola, in a portion produced for him). “Karate is a language,” he says, unpolluting this metaphor in ways that can (deliberately) make the audience laugh at the door. Casey enrolls in his research and becomes so engrossed that for months he remains away from job.

This world’s portrayal of the film is half severe, half skewed. The Sensei, correctly, has a portrait of his own late master mounted prominently above the sparring mat; but when he calls him “the biggest man ever to live” and says of his method of secret fighting, our eyebrows are inch upwards. Sensei is worried about Casey’s reasons for studying karate, but provides questionable guidance on mental discipline: “You’re listening to metal from now on. It’s the toughest music there is… everything must be as male as possible.”

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Full Name:  The Art of Self-Defense Full Movie Download HD 1080p
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