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In this category we will be providing you top X things trending on the market in the technology.
If you’re looking for a powerful text editor for Linux to kickstart programming in the year 2019, you’re at the right place. While the debate of the best programming editors for Linux won’t end anytime soon, there are many editors that bring an impressive set of features and offer great user experience to developers.
Here you got the Top X Powerful Music player list of 2019
Everyone loves listening to music while working or in their free time so today we are going to have a look at the Best Music Players for Ubuntu which you must try.
The popularity of Linux is increasing rapidly and so the number of Linux users is too. Hence developers are working on new applications for the Linux platform all the time. Now there are thousands of applications available for various Linux distributions which was not the case a few years back. Finding a music player for Ubuntu is far from difficult. A veritable orchestra of options exist, some new, some old, some in tune with modern trends, others riffing to their own beat.