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If you have previously attempted to learn programming (or any STEM field) in school, tried your best, but failed — you weren’t the problem. A good professor of any cumulative subject carefully curates the curriculum. Provided that each student has sufficiently prepared and satisfied the prerequisites, the expectations for the students’ prior knowledge should be clear. A good professor understands the expectations and assumes no knowledge beyond that scope. Anything outside of the expectations must be taught. Each topic in the curriculum is ordered sequentially, respective to the other topics.

When a subject is cumulative, meticulous attention must be paid when designing a course curriculum or learning path. With that said, don’t choose a language programming for its ranking; choose a language for which you have a complete learning path that makes no assumptions about prior knowledge.
If the current topic you’re learning doesn’t make sense to you, stay where you are. Do not proceed to the next topic. To reiterate, the topics are cumulative. Skipping ahead is like trying to attach a roof to a house that lacks a frame, walls, and a foundation.

I find myself in this situation all the time. I often have to rewatch the same lecture of a video tutorial several times for me to grasp what I’m learning. Don’t get discouraged if you find yourself in my shoes.

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